Did Brooklyn Get Her First Kiss? | Brooklyn and Bailey

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Every girl dreams about her first kiss, when it will be, who it will be with, and what will it be like. Is it as magical as the movies and fairytales make it seem?

Parker and I have been dating since December 2015, after being friends for nearly 3 years. We went on a date last weekend, back to the original place he first asked me to be his girlfriend… and…


Parker gave me permission to post this video, and specifics of what exactly happened are 100% private and between us.

Plus, later in the video Bailey and I give you some tips that we are learning right now about how guys and girls should treat each other, and what being “datable” really means!

Going on a date doesn’t mean that you have to “be in love with” whomever you go out with. Dating at first is more about having fun, often in double or group date settings. The serious stuff can be for later. These are moments when you can seek out and find those qualities that you would like in a future spouse or partner before becoming committed to someone who turns out to be much different than you first thought.

Everyone is different, and every situation is different. Yes, Parker and I are dating, but he is more by best friend than a boyfriend. Bailey enjoys getting to know everyone, and loves being single! Single does not mean “loser” and that you will always be alone… it means that your one guys hasn’t found you yet!

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