Gucci #24HourAce | Geeohsnap

Norway-based videographer Geeoh Snap has cultivated a devoted Snapchat following by blending street photography with humorous sketches that reframe figures into fantastical interactions. An unsuspecting cyclist is flanked by two bears balancing on her bike.[…]

Gucci #24HourAce | Ananda Nahu

Ananda Nahu is a Brazilian street artist who creates murals around the world, building on the legacy of other Brazilian street artists like Os Gemeos. Emerging from her education in photography and printmaking, Nahu’s art[…]

Gucci #24HourAce | Adam Csoka Keller

Born in 1991 in Bratislava, Slovakia just 2 years after the Velvet Revolution ended decades of communism, Adam Csoka Keller’s work draws on Cold War architecture and fuses it with fashion, movement, and set design.[…]